_for all the covers
_that were never chosen

  • For all the beauty

  • that is never praised.

  • For all the passion

  • that is not a trend.

  • For all the talent

  • that is not exhibited.

  • For all the aesthetic quality

  • that is not cheap and easy.

  • For a cultured generation

  • that wants to stay.

  • For all the covers

  • that were never chosen.

  • For all our little words

  • that can make it worthy.

  • Rejected.gr

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...και θα κοιτάξουμε μαζί τον ορίζοντα να ματώνει για χάρη μας, ώσπου να μην μπορούμε με σιγουριά να πούμε πού αρχίζει η θάλασσα και πού τελειώνει το ποτό μας.

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